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As children, we might have viewed a blackout as an exciting adventure, a time for candlelight dinners and spooky ghost stories told by flashlight. However, the reality is that a sudden loss of power can be an utter catastrophe, ruining valuable electronic devices and appliances. To protect the security of your property and belongings, let Tactical Services apply superior Bethlehem backup generator services, keeping you safe throughout any power outage.

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The Importance of Having Powerful Generators

There are many things which can suddenly halt the flow of electricity to your business or home. Heavy thunderstorms and severe winds, blizzards and even extreme heat are known to cut people’s power supply. In previous times, having a blackout might have been a bit of a nuisance, but now that electricity operates so many critical machines and appliances, it can be absolutely disastrous. 

A sudden loss of power can greatly damage your expensive computers and laptops, losing valuable information and labor. Months of carefully prepared meals contained in large deep freezers and fridges can go bad in a short time. If any of your loved ones rely on medical equipment powered by electricity, such as pacemakers or insulin pumps, their lives could be in danger if the power goes out. If you do not have a generator installed, or your current, old one is in need of repairs or even a replacement, do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated technicians.

Temporary Power Solutions in Bethlehem

The main purpose of temporary power is to provide power to construction sites. Temporary power is only available for the period of construction. The workers on the construction site need temporary power to plug in their power tools as they work on their project. At Tactical Services, we provide towable generators and a variety of other helpful temporary power options. 

While these options are typically used for construction sites, we provide these services to both commercial and residential customers. Our team is committed to bringing the power when you need it most, even when you might not have thought power was possible or accessible. Our supply of temporary power equipment is stocked with meter panels, switchgear, distribution equipment, transformers, power poles, and wire. When you combine our wide range of supplies with the knowledge, experience, and efficiency of our team, we will serve as your one-stop-shop for all of your temporary solutions. Some examples of ways we can help you with temporary power services include:  

Overhead distribution is one of the most common temporary power solutions because it is so cost-effective. We have the capacity to handle a wide range of projects when it comes to temporary power, and this includes overhead solutions. We will work to precisely design the system to serve your needs and power requirements while keeping your budget and timeline in mind. 

For some projects, overhead solutions are simply not possible. In these cases, the temporary power will need to be routed underground. This involves in-house trenching, conduit, and wire-pulling crews. These kinds of projects can be complex, and it is essential that you work with a team of professionals with in-depth knowledge about the proper protocol, like the team at Tactical Services. 

This option is ideal for those whose utility sources are a far distance. For example, if you are using diesel drinking generators to provide temporary power, our installation teams will deliver 4,160-volt, 12,000 volts, and 33,000-volt systems from 1000 feet to provide utility-grade power in a cost-effective way.

Whether you need 400-amp caged load centers, remote generator connections, or spider boxes, we have the ground cord solution that will be essential to get you the power you need.

In our modern world, phones are essential to daily functioning. Therefore, when you need temporary power, you will also need a temporary phone and data connection. We can help you coordinate the power connections that will allow you to make the personal connections you need to make.

Switch gear is composed of electrical disconnect switches, fuses, or circuit breakers that are used to control, protect and isolate electrical equipment. At Tactical Services, we can provide this equipment for you and make sure you have the tools necessary to use it properly

Any business that wants to install temporary power will need a permit. We can help you obtain these permits and walk you through the process of paying utility fees, which will take a great deal of stress of your shoulders. 

To learn more about backup generators and temporary power, call Tactical Services at 908 797 5396 or contact us online. 

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